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Expat Military Retiree Profile: Living in Rota, Spain

Have you ever dreamed of moving overseas after military retirement? Here’s the inspiration you need to consider retiring in Spain! As part of our Expat Military Retiree Series, Tony Guyette, a Navy retiree, tells us what he loves about living in Rota, Spain. He embraces the slower-paced lifestyle that comes …

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A sunset view of Calbayog City, Philippines

Expat Military Retiree Profile: Living in Samar, Philippines

Looking for a place to move after military retirement where you could live on your military pension without having to work? The Philippines is a popular retirement destination, because it’s affordable, the weather is warm, and many locals speak English. Wondering if the Philippines is a good choice for you? …

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Expat Military Retiree Profile: Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

If you’re a veteran or military retiree looking for your next job, don’t limit your search to the United States. You can find excellent, lucrative positions overseas. Edward Carn, a Navy retiree, did just that, and he is living in Saudi Arabia, working as a Repair Superintendent for ships assigned …

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Expat Military Retiree Profile: Living in Vilseck, Germany

Many military retirees had an overseas duty station during their career, but returning to an OCONUS location as a civilian is a whole different experience. Michael Carpentieri, an Army Reserve retiree, took a DoD job in Germany when the opportunity arose unexpectedly, and he enjoys the best of both worlds: …

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Retiring in Thailand: Expat Life in Ubon Ratchathani

Daniel Fraley, an Air Force retiree, has no regrets about his decision to retire in Thailand — except that he didn’t do it sooner. He and his wife, Somjit, enjoy a low cost of living, proximity to family, and extensive travel! In this Q&A from our Expat Retiree Interview Series, Daniel …

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Collage of images in Japan, Germany and Ecuador

The Expat Military Retiree Interview Series: Veterans Living Overseas

Welcome to Poppin’ Smoke’s Expat Military Retiree interview series! In this series, we feature profiles of veterans who moved overseas after retiring from military service. For those who love to travel, can’t imagine “settling down” after the constant changes of military life, or whose favorite duty station was in another …

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