RV travel

A European style campervan

8 Reasons To Explore Europe By Campervan

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable way to travel Europe, skip the planes, trains, and hotels and explore in an RV. In Europe, RVs are called camping cars, motorhomes, or caravans, but just like in the U.S., they are a popular way to travel. In this guest contribution from …

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A pickup truck parked next to a trailor with snow-covered mountains in the background

Living in an RV in the Winter: Pro Tips to Stay Warm and Safe

Year-round RV living doesn’t mean you need to snowbird every winter! With the right preparation, you can live in your RV quite comfortably, even in cold, snowy weather. Guest contributor, Julie Chickery, has expert tips for staying warm and safe in your RV, no matter where you spend the winter! …

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A truck parked in front of an RV

12 Awesome Military RV Parks to Try This Year

For members of the military community who enjoy RV travel, military campgrounds are a great deal! A better value than comparable civilian facilities, they offer several advantages, including easy access to other base amenities, such as a commissary/Exchange, golf course, movie theater, fitness center, and recreational equipment rentals. Some military …

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17 U.S. Military Recreation Facilities to Try on Your Next Vacation

Whether you’re planning a 2-week vacation or a weekend getaway, sometimes you just want something simple that won’t break the bank. Fortunately, there are military recreation areas all over the country that could be just what you’re looking for. With lodging options ranging from rustic campsites to upscale lodges, the …

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A military RV park and campground next to a lake

Top 5 Tips for Using Military Campgrounds

In this guest post, Julie Chickery from Chickery’s Travels, an Air Force retiree and full-time RV traveler, shares her tips for staying at military campgrounds. Looking for an affordable way to travel around the United States and make the most of your military benefits? Consider using U.S. military campgrounds and RV parks. …

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