Planning to Fly Space-A? Research the Location With These Guides

Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force

When taking a military hop, the #1 thing you can do to make your trip go as smoothly as possible is research. By arming yourself with information, you learn how to manage the aspects of Space-A travel that you can control and work around the aspects you can’t.

Poppin’ Smoke’s guides to Space-A travel locations worldwide help you research your destination by explaining what you need to know about the passenger terminal, the base, and the surrounding area. Use the guides to answer questions such as:

  • What military passenger terminals have the most flights to and from your destination?
  • If you’re flying into an overseas base, how do immigration procedures work?
  • Do you need a pass to re-enter the base if you leave?
  • What are the lodging options on and off base?
  • Are you authorized to use base facilities, such as the commissary, Exchange, and MWR?
  • What ground transportation options are available in the area?

The guides also address any other issues that are unique to the destination.

Poppin’ Smoke’s Guides to Worldwide Military Space-A Locations

Continental United States (CONUS)



Bookmark this page and keep checking back! We are continually adding more Space-A flight locations.

For a full list of Space-A terminals, visit the Air Mobility Command website.

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