Military Space-A Flights

11 Things to Know About Flying Space-A on the Patriot Express

Have you ever heard reference to the “Patriot Express,” “military rotator,” or “Cat B flight” and wondered what it was? It’s one of many possible aircraft you may “hop” when using Space-A military flights. Some seasoned Space-A travelers would argue that there’s no better way to fly! The Patriot Express …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Taking a Military Space-A Flight

The Internet is full of information about Space-A military flights, and it can be overwhelming to decide what to read first. If you’re new to Space-A travel, start by learning the basics and understanding how to read the 72-hour flight schedules. Spouses who want to fly Space-A without their sponsor should …

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Flying Space-A to Rota, Spain: 8 Things You Need to Know

Sunshine, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and convenient access to cities all over southern Spain – that’s what you’ll find when you fly Space-A to Naval Station (NAVSTA) Rota. It’s the only U.S Navy base in Spain and one of the easiest U.S. bases in Europe to reach from the continental …

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Flying Space-A to Ramstein, Germany: 12 Things You Need to Know

Ramstein Air Base is in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC), the largest U.S. military community in Europe. It’s 90 minutes from Frankfurt and about 4 hours from Paris, making it a great starting point for exploring Europe or other places in Germany. Here’s what you need to know if you’re …

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A red shrine in Japan surrounded by trees

Flying Space-A to Japan: 9 Things You Need to Know

Japan is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world and well worth the time and effort to get there. Military travelers are very fortunate, because we have the privilege of taking Space-A flights (aka “MAC” flights) to Japan, allowing us to save hundreds – or even thousands …

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European Lodging and Transportation Tips for Space-A Travelers

You’ve flown Space-A to Europe. Now what? Patricia Kuenzi, Space-A expert and avid European traveler, shares her tips for pre- and post-flight lodging, ground transportation, and many other tricks for making the most of your time in Europe! It’s generally easy for Space-A travelers to travel from the Continental U.S. …

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