Military Space-A Flights

Flying Space-A from JB Charleston: 7 Things You Need to Know

JB Charleston is among the most active bases for Space-A travel opportunities in the southeastern United States. The base is located in North Charleston, about 12 miles northwest of Charleston’s historic city center. This Air Mobility Command (AMC) terminal has regular missions to several bases within the U.S., but its …

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the washington, dc skyline

Flying Space-A from JB Andrews: 8 Things You Need to Know

If you’re flying Space-A from the Washington, DC area, add Joint Base (JB) Andrews to your list of options. JB Andrews usually has several flights per week to bases within the continental U.S. plus regular flights to Germany. As a bonus, competition for Space-A seats at Andrews is often less …

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An Airman stands in front of a plane holding orange flags

What Active Duty Service Members Need to Know About Flying Space-A

Flying space-available (“Space-A” or “taking a hop”) on military aircraft can make visiting family or taking regular leave much more affordable for military members. It’s a privilege codified in Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 4515.13, but before you use it, it’s very important to understand how the Space-A program works. …

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An airplane taking off with the Las Vegas skyline in the background

Flying Space-A Via Nellis AFB: 7 Things You Need to Know

Did you know there is an Air Force base less than 15 miles north of the famous Las Vegas Strip? Nellis Air Force Base is the headquarters of the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center. Primarily a training base, it does not have frequent missions on cargo planes, so you would …

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