A person packing a suitcase

Packing for Long Term Travel: Advice and Essential Items

Many people ask how we’ve been traveling for more than 8 years with only a carry-on suitcase and small backpack each. In our experience, it’s quite easy, but there’s no one-size-fits-all packing list. How you use the precious space in your luggage depends entirely on where you plan to travel …

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3 Benefits You Need to Know About Before Retiring from the Military

For most military retirees, the #1 retirement benefit is the monthly pension. But the pension is only part of the package. You’ve earned many other great benefits, and you should take advantage of them all! Here are three that require advance planning, so it’s important that you’re aware of these …

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Top 3 Golf Courses in 2 Years of Travel

Today we have a guest post from my husband, Michiyo (Mike) Montague. He is an avid golfer and plays every course he can find. I asked him to write about his top 3 courses played during our recent world travels. Enjoy! ***** During my 30 years in the Army, I played …

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You Can’t Plan Adventure: The Benefits of Spontaneous Travel

“The plan is not to have a plan.” My husband made that declaration during one of our many conversations about how we would spend our year of travel. Those words became our mantra and our automatic response whenever someone asked us what countries we were going to visit. Or how …

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