Quickstart Guide to Military Space-A Flights

How Space A Flights Work

Space available flights, a.k.a “MAC flights” or “military hops,” are military operational flights that have extra seats.

Eligible members of the military community may “hop” a flight with open seats, but the system is based on priority.

Space-A passengers are divided into six Space-A categories or “Cats:” 1 is the highest and 6 is the lowest.

Available seats on the aircraft are first offered to travelers in lower-numbered categories. Any remaining seats can be used by travelers in higher-numbered (lower priority) categories.

How to Take a Military Hop

Space-A Signup The first step is to sign up with every military passenger terminal from which you might originate travel (including your destination).

Keep in mind that you are not signing up for a particular flight. You are signing up to compete for any flight with Space-A seats at a given terminal.

Tracking Space-A Flight Schedules

Track flights (also referred to as “missions”) from your desired departure base(s). Flight schedules and tentative seat counts are available up to 72 hours before a flight.

Within 24 hours of your target flight’s Roll Call, go to the terminal and speak with the staff to mark yourself present.

Check-In or “Marking Yourself Present”

Roll Call

The time listed on the Space-A flight schedule is usually the Roll Call time. When Roll Call begins, terminal staff announce how many Space-A seats are available and read the names of the passengers selected.

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